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MongoDB is an open source NoSQL document-oriented database.
Git Merge 2020
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Git Merge 2020

March 04, 2020 • Los Angeles

Git Merge is a one-day conference dedicated to the version control tool that started it all—and the people who use it every day.
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sebmck commented Feb 20, 2020

The rome package will likely be the only package published for users. This will contain the CLI and a very thin API that heavily limits the public API exposed. There's no intention to publish any other packages as this would heavily restrict the changes we can make.

  • Custom project finding logic exists that matches th
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GuardRails scans new code changes as they occur in your repositories. For pull requests, we will post comments whenever security issues are detected. For branches, you will be able to see reports in your dashboard.

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That is the vision of the DevC Lagos: “The Internship v1”. The program is a DevC Lagos initiative where Project Managers, Developers, and DevOps specialists are taken through a 13 week period where they build 10 real-world software products distributed into 10 teams. These products could be Enterprise Apps, SaaS, Libraries or Utilities for “real-world use”. It is a remote-first internship where participants get the opportunity to demonstrate track expertise.

  • Updated Feb 29, 2020
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user00101010 commented May 26, 2019

Are you submitting a bug report?


Steps to reproduce

  1. Have Wox Settings set to empty query on open
  2. Open Wox and enter query, for example "cmd"
  3. Press Shift + Enter
  4. Run cmd as admin
  5. Open Wox again, the "Run as administrator" menu is still shown. Need to press escape twice in order to receive an empty query

Expected behavior: On step 4, when opening Wox it sho

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emmanuelbernard commented Feb 4, 2020

A big value of extensions is the BuildItem model.
We need to document them so other extension writers can discover and use them.
They are also part of the extension contract.

  1. document all "public" BuildItem with adequate JavaDoc
  2. build an anotation processor that will collect the BuildItems and generate a list of them per extension and a documentation (summary?).
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Sonatype DepShield

Sonatype DepShield is a GitHub App used by developers to identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their open source dependencies.

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